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Brand Identity

Climate change needs no introduction but for a solution we need data. We’ve started collaborating with Klima.Codes on automated carbon calculation, analysis, and solutions.


Brand Identity

Visual identity and website for a scientific research project aiming at supporting and enhancing modern oncology.


Editorial Design

Hurrah. Whoop. Pop. Making a noise at CES 2019 to introduce the health and experience benefits of Mimi Hearing Technologies. A human approach to personalised sound.


Brand Identity

A truly global, visionary company driving change through awareness and information. Helping to change the world, with a new corporate identity and team helping every step.


Brand Identity

Unique branding for a special new service—premium dog food delivered direct to your door. A visual identity and website putting vibrant dogs out in front.

The Next We

Brand Identity

Solving corporate issues now by coaching for the future. A CI and website attracting business leaders to modernise their thinking and practices for whatever comes next.


Brand Identity

Inspiring everyone to take on their next challenge. Energy, passion and community is the race day experience being discovered through the vibrant identity created for this global platform.

betahaus |

Brand Identity

The home of Us_. A very fitting, open, collaborative, diverse and flexible identity and website for all to experience the community within Berlin’s most famous coworking space.


Brand Identity

Transforming the world of dispatch for taxi firms across the globe, helping modernise local business to remain competitive. A website and visual language for a global player.

Edible Alchemy

Brand Identity

We learn every day, but nothing pops a surprise like this fermentation school. A CI for where all foods, even leftovers, can become tomorrow’s delicious probiotic treats.


Brand Identity

Great content requires equally great presentation. We created a CI and website that represents the founders’ partnership, as well as their personalities.


Editorial Design

Facilitating access to best practice through preparing a media officer guide and refined brand assets for the network of science PR and communications professionals.

incapptic connect

Brand Identity

Empowering digital transformation having been through a visual transformation; a new CI and website attract the global businesses they are built to help.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Editorial Design

Creating an impact by curating, refining and compiling Impact Statements for the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

betahaus Signage

Space Design & Signage

Whilst Berlin is certainly a place one can get lost in, betahaus will be no more. As continuation of our work, and their city expansion, we developed a fitting signage and navigation system.