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A family font – Christmas special from Jon

The ‘Jonny Voucher’ – an ongoing family joke based on my ever creative methods of gifting – using promises. Rarely redeemable, (washing-up was always priced out of the equation) the Jonny Voucher was the standard expectation amongst the family this year because I was just 10 months into launching Us Berlin. Given that certain members of the family still didn’t quite understand what we do, I felt that the best way was to demonstrate. In addition to this, niece / nephew number 5 was due just before Christmas and, just 2 months prior, we had ‘officially’ welcomed in another new member, Hayley, my brother’s now wife. So Christmas day was a real melée of Sykeses, Westlakes and McHughs. The gift? We developed a font for my family, with the vision of creating a unique family tree. Something that can exist as a beautiful design and also expands as we do as a family. The font itself is structured […]

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GRID Interior Design

Us Berlin is excited to introduce GRID, a new interior design concept exploring space and forms. GRID brings a simple, user-friendly DIY product to people who enjoy alternative, creative ways to decorate their interior space, whether it be the office or at home. Using the technique of string art, we have devised a working method that anyone can follow to create beautiful, minimalistic designs. Using a 5 x 5 GRID, these designs are as free as your imagination. Go with a square, or cook up a more intricate shape, such as our GRID logo. We’ve included some guidelines but its completely up to you. GRID was conceived by Teodora Danila and Vlad Lepure from the Us Berlin team – the first living version adorns their walls at home. Their advice for getting the most out of GRID is to use the designs as part of a set. The options are limitless, and the grids can be as large as […]

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Inspiring Us #6

This week is a takeover by Miebi, our first ever intern. As an expat (she’s from France), she’s absolutely loved exploring Berlin (culture as well as clubs) and so has shared just some of the areas of the city that she has found to be an inspiration. So this week is a creative tourist guide! Thanks Miebi! Californian Berlin California, the Golden State, Hollywood, all ring as the American dream. The Deutsch Bank is hosting an exhibition about the West coast and its unique atmosphere through selected works of nine artists. They experiment its cultural identity in different ways and with different mediums, such as video, photography, installations, painting. The artworks enable us to feel how California continually inspires creators. temporary exhibition in Deutsch Bank (→28.06) – see more here Bauhaus, baby! The Bauhaus was the most important school of art, design and architecture in the 20th century. In a famous […]

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Inspiring Us #5

Welcome to our weekly post about work that has been inspiring Us. Currently we are working on some typographic brand identities for clients as well as our next set of posters for our collaboration with betahaus. Therefore we’ve selected some relevant work that has made Us think. Hope you like it. 21 Days Karolis Masilionis set about creating 21 posters based on quotes – and the outcome is stunning. We know how tough this can be – as we work on our next set for our betahaus collaboration. View them all here. Abstract These abstract designs of well known brands show just how strong the identities really are. We love the simplicity of the approaches and it really reminds us of our launch work. View the designs here. Just. Want. If like Us you love travel, interior design and bikes, then take a look at this. Beautiful furniture that that is ready to […]

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Win Us

We would like to design you a logo, brand identity and materials. What remains open is what you will give Us in return? Let Us work for you for free. Well, sort of. Us Berlin is a new creative agency inspired by the principles of co-working. We are experts in branding, identity, advertising and more. In celebration of our launch, we are offering our creative expertise for peanuts. Or honey. Or … well you can decide. So if you are a new start-up, collective or individual and are interested in winning creative services from our team, let Us know what you can offer in return. The more interesting, the better. We don’t care about the value of what you give – creativity is what inspires Us most. If this sounds interesting to you then: Email and: • Tell Us your concept / idea / business and why this is special • […]

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Inspiring Us #4 – Hello Miebi

So it’s been a little while since our last Inspiring Us post, because we’ve been busy on some exciting new projects. More to come on those in the near future but for now we are really pleased to announce our first ever intern – Miebi from France. She got in touch right at our launch and is spending 6 weeks with the team helping and learning from our designers.   So for this Inspiring Us post, we asked her and others to share great tips, advice and inspiration to young designers, and so we have found some choice examples from the web. Good advice It’s always good to accept advice from those with experience, to help us find our own directions. Of course we learn from our own experiences and mistakes, but some wise words here. Guided style A good style guideline can really help you understand the depth of thinking and […]

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Inspiring Us #3

Welcome to our weekly post about the work of others that has been inspiring Us. Whether it’s causes, companies, individuals or incidents, we thrive off the creative world around Us. That’s why we formed this collaboration – to broaden our creativity and deliver new and exciting work. This week we are focused on photography and are sharing work of just a few of the people that our team follows. Meticulous The detail in Andrew Myers’ collection is astounding. It creates such stark and engaging imagery. Read more about the work here. Leftovers As lovers of food and play, we really enjoyed Dacian Groza’s ‘Leftovers’ collection, applying structure and order to the mess left on the plate. Get some inspirations on what to do at your next meal here. Last Stop The streets of London are always rich visual inspiration, and we think the George Georgiou has captured some great moments – […]

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Inspiring Us #2

Welcome to our weekly post about the work of others that has been inspiring Us. Whether it’s causes, companies, individuals or incidents, we thrive off the creative world around Us. That’s why we formed this collaboration – to broaden our creativity and deliver new and exciting work. This week has seen some inspiring causes, campaigns and issues. A rich territory for creative solutions. Film Really powerful film from Unicef using mime statues in the street to make people stop and think. Taking a topic to the public and challenging them. See the film here.  Outdoor Clever use of space is a passion of ours. Whilst not an original idea, an excellent execution of it by Depaul to raise the topic of ‘perspective’. See more here.  Experiential VW have done some really interesting experiential work with their ‘Fun Theory’ and now they are showing responsibility by creating a new currency. See how here.  Startup […]

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Inspiring Us #1

Welcome to our weekly post about the work of others that has been inspiring Us. Whether it’s causes, companies, individuals or incidents, we thrive off the creative world around Us. That’s why we formed this collaboration – to broaden our creativity and deliver new and exciting work.  Illustration We are always interested in clever use of space and Thomas Lamadieu, in his Sky Art series, is turning things upside down to find his canvas. See his work here. Photography This one you may have seen over the past few weeks, but we love the effects and expression in Blake Little’s ‘Preservation Book’ honey shots. It might have inspired a few of our future headlines too. See more here.  Film A powerful piece that is focused on a creative output but in this ‘making of’ we really get a sense of the individuals and their working environments. See the Social Animals film […]


betahaus launch posters

Us Berlin launched on 2nd March at betahaus with a display of 12 posters depicting some of the services that we, as a collective, offer. Our desire was to use a minimalistic, graphic approach that shows the level of thinking that we place on each method of communication. We took one shape – a circle – and used this to convey meaning for the different creative topics. We’ve developed some interesting representations, some more obvious than others, and have created a unique set of posters about Us. We also created a special co-working poster using the betahaus colours – as a celebration of our partnership. You will also notice the link to the betahaus logo across the set. This is just the first step in our collaboration. We are already working on the next collection for the space and are looking forward to sharing it with you. If you like […]


Launching Us at betahaus

The moment we had been building up to – the launch of Us Berlin – in collaboration with betahaus. After a full day of installation on 1st March, with the help of David and Iva from betahaus, we installed a system that will allow great flexibility for Us to constantly curate and update work within the cafe. Being based at betahaus is the perfect solution for Us Berlin. Our existence is inspired by the co-working model – and a dissatisfaction with some of the constraints of our previous roles within agencies. Being a collaboration, we believe we are more flexible, more interesting and more creative.