About Us

Us Berlin is a creative agency.

Us is a collaboration of communication experts inspired by the principles of co-working. We challenge the traditional agency model by driving our own vision of creative communication.

We have the means to build the right team for you. From a single freelance role to integrated and multi-project campaigns, our flexibility to draw on experts we trust – and have worked with – means life is made simpler for you.

More than this, we collaborate to inspire ourselves and push our own creative output – free from traditional agency constraints. We’ve loved working as a team before – that’s why you’ll see us sharing not just corporate work but our own ideas, design and craft that we have created together. And we’ve been given the perfect platform, through our partnership with betahaus, where we can share and inspire the community.

We come from all around the world and now we call Us Berlin our home. Because it’s where we can do what we love: share, inspire and work with each other to conceive, develop and deliver creative ideas, in English und auf Deutsch.

Creative services from Us:

Communications strategy & positioning
Brand identity
Advertising & integrated campaigns
Web/mobile design & development
UX/UI design
Copywriting, editorial & translation
Publication design
Public relations
Social media strategy & execution
Film & animation production
Event design & planning
Illustration & typography
Printing & production management

Contact Us:
We work at the co-working space betahaus Berlin, where we curate the exhibition space in their cafe.For all client enquiries or interest in joining our collaboration, please contact:

+49 (0)176 8051 2852
Or use the form below.